A symbolic milestone was reached on Thursday 6th October when two of the three chimneys which once adorned the station were reinstated. These two chimneys are in fact ‘dummies’ made from a Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) framework, faced with brick slips, which are slices of real brick bonded on to the GRP frame. These chimneys have been factory made by ‘Fabspeed’, who are specialists in the area. They will be pointed in due course by our brickwork contractors, Barwin.

Recreated from a close study of original LNWR drawings, one of the dummy chimneys will have a single chimney pot and the other is deeper to accomodate a double chimneypot. A third chimney will be rebuilt at the northern end of the building in the same style, but unlike the two dummy chimneys this one will actually serve a purpose – as a route for the kitchen extractor duct.

Progress in other areas has been significant in recent weeks with all the windows and doors now installed, internal ceiling structure complete, brickwork repointing almost done, stud walling going up for the archive room and WC, and replica downpipes and hoppers installed.

Pictured on 30th September 2022 – all windows and doors now installed.

The smaller of the two pre-fabricated chimneys from Fabspeed (single chimney pot).

The larger of the two pre-fabricated chimneys from Fabspeed (double chimney pot).

With two of the three chimneys now installed on the roof, the station is really beginning to look like it did when first built, compare to the photo below – shame about the ugly 21st century cars and Heras fencing but these are temporary aberrations!

Internal studwork for archive room and WC taking shape.

Detail of the replica downpipes and hoppers.