Repairs undertaken by Network Rail

We are pleased to report that Network Rail have recently completed some internal and external repairs to the building, which includes repairs to a failed roof beam which has hitherto been the main obstacle stopping us from getting access to the inside of the building.

Now that this repair is complete we expect to be granted limited, accompanied access on an ad-hoc basis for our architects to be able to take detailed measurements in preparation for further design work to support a planning application.

Other repairs undertaken include some re-pointing of the brickwork, clearance and painting of guttering, and removal of the dreaded Buddleia, all encouraging signs that Network Rail are ‘on our side’, committed to maintaining the building in the short to medium term until we can take over, and are supportive of our efforts to restore the building.

On the platform side, the train operator, London Northwestern Railway, have been similarly busy repainting the brickwork, canopy, seats and renewing signage, as the accompanying photos attest.

This all adds up to a much smarter looking station. Now we are keen to make it even better by bringing life back to it!