Benches and lamp

Three more period additions to the station ‘furniture’ have been made; two replica benches for the platform side of the building, and a wall lamp on the car park side.

The benches have been painstakingly recreated from an original LNWR design, with the metalwork produced by local firm JMN Welding Services of Hemel Hempstead. The woodwork is oak. Every hole was drilled with a countersink to prevent any splitting of the wood, and a special drill was made to accommodate the correct bore for the coach bolts. Many of the coach bolts had to have their square collars removed with a grinder so they would fit snugly into the metalwork.

The body of the wall lamp is an original, picked up from G.W. Railwayana Auctions in July 2023. Although ours was actually manufactured by the London, Midland and Scottish Railway (LMS), which came after the LNWR, the design originated earlier, and as can be seen in one of the photos below, Bricket Wood had one in its early LNWR days.  The lamp inside would originally have been oil, our replica is obviously electric but the light fittings look convincing enough!

Our tremendous thanks must go, once again, to Paul Amsterdam, whose skill and many hundreds of hours of researching and labouring are responsible for producing these beautiful adornments, which all add to the wonderful ambience of the station.

Please enjoy the photos below showing both the completed products, and their various stages of creation.