Latest progress report

Much progress is being made.

In the photo above the new tiled floor of the WC can be seen. This has been done in the same style as the floor around the hearth in the original Ladies Waiting Room.

In the photo below you can see that most of the tongue-and-groove ceiling as well as the ‘dado panelling’ has been fitted. This, again, was designed to echo the original fabric of the station.

At the southern end of the building, a space has been cleared for the bins, which will be tucked away out of sight as best as possible, to avoid spoiling the view of the building from the road. Recently the train operator, West Midlands Trains, has also removed the unsightly modern lighting that was attached to the forecourt-facing external wall of the building, which was a very welcome move.

The former entrance to the Gents Urinals, which was bricked up long ago with ‘modern’ bricks (and is not opened up), is being faced with traditional English bond brick ‘slips’, to match the rest of the building:

These turned wooden legs (below) will form part of the internal fixed benches along some of the walls. They have been turned to dimensions as close as posssible to the original LNWR drawings: